Thursday, 18 October 2012


English is taught as a second language in all Malaysian primary and secondary schools. The mastery of English is essential for pupils to gain access to information and knowledge written in English. The goal of the English language curiculum is to help pupils acquire the language in order to help them use it in their daily lives, to further their studies, and for work purposes.English which is also the dorminant language used in information Communications Technology(ICT) needs to be mastered to enable our pupils to have easy access to information that is available on the electronic media such as the internet. This curriculum stresses the development of critical literacy. Teachers will provide opportunities for pupils to question and evaluate texts that they listen to, read or view. These opportunities are assential for achieving personal growth and confidence in functioning as an effective and productive member of our society. This is in line with the goals of the Nattional Philosophy of Education which seeks to optimise the intellectual, emotional and spiritual potentials of pupils.

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